A Veterans Service Organization's Brand Identity
Telling the story of the Worst Company
Video Documentaries
Historic Site Photographic Documentation
Interpretive Signage
Palm Oil Scorecard Booklet
Colorado Mine Seed Mix package design
Global Warming Disruption Report
HECHO brand identity and website
Bike Race and Brew Festival Poster
Climate and Indigenous Peoples Booklet
EverGuard Insurance Services Brand Identity
Scale it Up Infographic
Hike | Bike | Drive | Beer coasters
National Conference Branding and Expressions
A Nonprofit's Annual Report
a multi-state study's final report
Mid-Century balance: data and conceptual visualizations
Carbon Block Grants infographics
State of Adolescent Sexual Health Report
Youth Sexual Health Call to Action for Colorado
Insurance Company Print Ads
Survey Summary publication design
Now and Venn
ColoRasta Flag Sticker
Reclamation Booklet
Logos, 1994-2011
Mine Subsidence Guide
Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium Invitation
Essential Recordings in Classical Music Booklet
Policy and Practice Overview Booklet
Birth Announcement
Bullies Below the Radar series book covers
Information Visualizations
Environmental Defense Fund Web and Exhibition Design
Architecture Practice portfolio site
First Wednesday Group visual identity
Culture Victim T-Shirt Designs
Belt Buckle Design
Beuys Will Be Beuys Skateboard Deck
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