Notchcode has produced several short video documentaries for its clients in Colorado, using on-location interviews and footage to make stories resonate with audiences. The videos below and on our Vimeo channel were produced within a range of budgets, production crew, and timeframes. We collaborate with experienced production and postproduction professionals in the Denver and Boulder area, working at locations throughout Colorado. Get in touch to learn more about these projects, and how we can create something that resonates with your audience.
Managing the South Canyon Coal Fire
Working Together to Safeguard Mines in Colorado: A Case Study in Partnership
Oral Histories of the Miners of the Purgatoire Valley
These seven videos were part of a project to document the social and working lives of the miners in Trinidad, Colorado. They capture stories that go back to the early part of the 20th century, up through the mid-1980s when many of the mines in the area closed. 
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