Whether you’re a client, a supplier, a fellow creative collaborator, or someone who interacts with our work once it’s made, we have some promises for you:
We will work with our clients in a spirit of collaboration and positive outcomes. We will not work simultaneously for a client’s competitors and will not disclose trade secrets or intellectual property to a client’s competitor without their permission.
We respect that our Clients’ time and resources are limited, and that they have placed great trust in us to use what they have given us in a responsible and effective manner. We will do our utmost to shepherd their resources wisely throughout the project process.
Projects that work towards serving the common good, improving the human condition, or benefit the planet get priority in our practice. Some of our best clients are non-profits, non-governmental organizations, and private for-profit companies that advocate for these same beliefs.
We will source all materials used in our work from sustainable, carbon-neutral sources whenever possible. This includes working with service providers who use carbon-neutral energy and purchasing operating equipment that is sourced responsibly and is easy to reuse or recycle. Our studio is powered by 100% wind-sourced electricity, uses a recycled denim insulation product, sustainable cork flooring, and was built by a firm with a commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. We minimize travel by grouping deliveries, meetings, and other off-site activities; we have also eliminated tailpipe emissions by traveling via zero-emission vehicles locally, purchasing carbon offset credits when using conventional delivery systems, and using remote communication technologies for collaborating and presenting, when possible.
Within the boundaries of our project’s brief, we will find and exploit opportunities for our end products to be reusable, recyclable, or as durable as possible.
All other things being equal, including quality of services provided and cost, we will work with vendors and suppliers who engage in sustainable practices and support renewable resources in their manufacturing process.
We will not work on speculative projects (“spec” work). We will not participate in design competitions as a means to win a project. We will, however, create proposals and initial work in exchange for a fee as part of a client’s investigative process when hiring a firm.
We will never knowingly work on a project that has been contracted by another design professional without their knowledge. We will never knowingly use another’s intellectual property without their permission or without license to do so.
We respect our collaborators’ time and effort when they work with us on a project. We believe paying our collaborators and suppliers on time and communicating regularly with them regarding any changes in a product’s scope or schedule. We will not ask collaborators to work on spec for us, and believe in fair pay for all our suppliers, contractors, and collaborators.
Diversity encourages creativity. We strive to collaborate with diverse groups of people and organizations in our projects.
Credit will always be given where it is due. We will not claim credit to work others have produced, and will share credit with our fellow collaborators.
As a member of the larger design community, we incorporate the AIGA’s Standards of Professional Practice into our working relationships with clients, collaborators, suppliers, and the general public.
With the huge number of creative, craft, and fabrication resources available in Colorado, keeping it local is an important priority for us. Before looking elsewhere, our search for creative, logistical, and supplier support will be made inside Colorado.
While many of our paying projects are from nonprofits, we recognize that some worthy organizations cannot always afford to pay for our services. When our workload allows, we happily take on a limited number of pro bono design, identity, and outreach projects each year for Colorado Nonprofits.
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