Mighty Earth asked us to collaborate with them to tell the story of the worst company in the world, Cargill. In this printed and online report we created an engaging, colorful, bold design package that contains well-researched information on just how insidiously horrible Cargill is with respect to environmental protections, sustainable practices, child labor, and labor relations, worldwide. 
This was such a damning piece for Cargill that, when a draft version ended up in the CEO's hands, he asked to have its publication delayed so they could try to work on some of the issues in the report. Sadly, Cargill did not come through; Mighty Earth released this report to help keep up the pressure on the world's largest agribusiness, and arguably, still the worst company in the world.
We created the design concept for the report, along with all of the graphics, information visualizations, and sourced the imagery from both in-house and external sources. Text content came from the Mighty Earth team.
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