We worked with Climate Advisers and Climate Interactive to create graphics for their Mid-Century Balance website. Some of the graphics were also used in a presentation given by the Norway’s Climate and Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen at the Marrakech UN Climate Change Conference in late 2016.
Conceptual visualization showing how emissions and removals work to set the level of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere:
The Balance Year Range, where Carbon Dioxide emissions and removals create a balance to put the world on track for a specific range of temperature increase by 2100:
Graph variations that show different scenarios:
 These graphs are animated on the Mid-Century Balance site to show how greater temperature increases push the balance year range wider and farther into the future. To meet the 1.5°C goal the world needs to achieve a CO2 balance earlier, around 2034–2038.
Carbon Dioxide emissions by country per year, under one scenario:
Venn Diagram displaying Capacity and Opportunity resulting in International Partnerships:
Norway’s Climate and Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen DISCUSSING the Balance Year concept at the Marrakech 2016 Climate Change Conference:
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