State of Adolescent Sexual Health Annual Report
Making a convincing case with data, year after year
Since 2007, Notchcode has collaborated with Colorado Youth Matter to create their State of Adolescent Sexual Health in Colorado report, or SASH. This annual document shows legislators, educators, opinion influencers, and policymakers important trends in teen birth rates, sexually-transmitted infections, and other vital statistics, along with recommendations for the year ahead. The SASH serves Colorado Youth Matter as a key tool in advocating for research, programming, and education initiatives throughout the state at the legislative, county, and school district levels.
We created a distinctive design concept for the SASH, which leverages their brand identity throughout the report in color, typography, and approach. This concept creates a lasting impact on the reader, making it easy for them to identify Colorado Youth Matters’ outreach materials wherever they appear. The design is also modular, allowing for dynamic placement of information visualizations, text, and other elements. 
Report cover from the 2014 report
A typical layout, showing the mix of visualizations, text, and tables.
White space plays an important role in the layout and inside the information graphics.
This complex data set uses the report's simplified color and design language to make trends understandable.
Detail of a heat map showing teen birth rates by county within Colorado.
Chart showing a dramatic savings vs. small amount spent on preventing unintended teen births in Colorado.
Reports from different years share the same design language, but each year is distinctive enough to be picked out of a stack at a glance.
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