Youth Sexual Health Call to Action for Colorado
Improving Health Outcomes for Youth with data, voice, and a unique identity.
Our clients, Colorado Youth Matter and The Healthy Colorado Youth Alliance asked us to collaborate with them and their clients at the state of Colorado to create a publication that would improve youth sexual health outcomes in Colorado, resulting in the publication Youth Sexual Health in Colorado: A Call to Action.

This 64-page printed booklet gives policymakers, educators, teachers, families, and youth information and data about the current landscape of youth health education in Colorado and provides strategies that can impact all levels of a young person’s learning environment. These strategies are informed by existing research and themes that emerged from community input. Action steps are organized within a group of nested “Spheres of Influence” in a young person’s life—policies and systems, communities, family networks, and individual youth:
We collaborated with Colorado Youth Matter and the state's Department of Public Health and Environment at every step of the process, including initial conceptualization, where we introduced the theme of the Ensō circle, and images of real youth in Colorado (wonderfully shot by Michael Richmond):
We took advantage of the fact that CYM was conducting community conversations with youth across the state about sexual health education, and photographed them engaged with other community stakeholders in the process of contributing their voice to this important plan. The meetings also allowed us to observe and listen to some of the very people that would be impacted by our work, allowing us to intergrate those learnings into the final product:
After creating a cohesive concept that included imagery, approach, color, and typography, we moved forward to design a comprehensive publication, including information graphics, titling, and more. The end result was a compelling Call to Action that stands out from other policy documents, and serves to engage its audience, rather than just inform them:
Notchcode created the conceptual visual approach, layout and design, all information graphics, illustrations, and typography. Photography is by Michael Richmond. You can download the entire Call to Action here, in addition to its Appendix and Executive Summary, which were produced concurrent to the Call to Action.
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