Policy and Practice Overview Booklet
Who needs a boring old executive summary?
This one's designed straight from the heart of a high school, instead.
One of our longtime clients, the Colorado Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting, and Prevention (COAPPP) --now called Colorado Youth Matter-- asked us to design a booklet that summarizes their snapshot of HIV prevention and sexuality education in Colorado's classrooms. The content included summaries of survey information and analysis collected throughout the state, as well as recommendations for what to do about some of the more troubling issues (such as disparities in access to sex ed, teacher preparedness, and more). 

Shannon, the director of Evaluation and Community Programs, wanted to present the information in the summary in something other than the normal, boring way that summaries of studies usually are. So we created this:
A detail of the cover, complete with hand-redrawn logo in ballpoint pen, "taped" to the cover.
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