EverGuard Insurance Services Brand Identity
Notchcode Creative is pleased to announce its recent rebranding of the nation’s leader in bar and tavern insurance, EverGuard Insurance Services.
EverGuard partnered with Notchcode earlier this year to refresh its brand identity, focusing on their core clientele of locally-owned bars and taverns, while keeping an eye on future opportunities in the sector. With a goal of establishing top-of-mind awareness in both agents and insureds within an expanding geographical market, Seattle-based EverGuard asked Notchcode to create a visual identity and tagline that shows a connection to the corner bar-owner and a reputation for being responsive, reliable, and respected as insurers.
Notchcode worked with research firm Elevation to develop a deep understanding of the bar and tavern insurance market, gaining insights into perceptions and needs of both agents and bar owners. This research guided development of concepts focused on a personal touch, reliable experience, and a friendly face. Recalling 1940s-60s-era hand-lettered and neon signs over the doors of local pubs in neighborhoods across America, the EverGuard logo is a simple, scripted E set in a blue and gray circle, with the company name set in a mid-century slab serif font to the right. An alternate version of the logo combines the E and the EverGuard name, along with the date of the company’s 1973 founding into a seal.
To emphasize the company’s proven track record and reputation as a leader in loss-prevention and claims handling, EverGuard’s new slogan is “Responsive. Reliable. Respected.”
Initial brand applications include a full suite of printed materials: letterhead, second sheets, business cards a range of envelopes, and full-page print advertising; a new website at EverGuardIns.com was also developed as part of the process. More bar-appropriate materials such as pint glasses, beer cozies, and matchbooks are currently in production, as are exhibition displays, direct mail, and other marketing collateral.
In addition to Alan Bucknam at Notchcode, Eric Greene at Elevation contributed research expertise, Tamara Chapman wrote copy, and Nick Trotter managed the project.
The primary logo.
EverGuard is the leader in bar and tavern liability insurance. The goal of the rebranding was to elevate the brand's image in the minds of the ultimate consumer, the bar and tavern owner, as well as the primary audience of insurance agents that sell EverGuard's products.
The secondary logo, a team-style seal, evokes a neighborhood tavern ball league logo. The founding year adds to the historical feel.
The secondary logo. Typography is House Industries' Girard Slab and a modified version of Las Vegas Fabulous.
The new slogan: Responsive. Reliable. Respected.
A full-page print ad.
The site includes a responsive layout.
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