Survey Summary publication design
Making complex information understandable
Colorado Youth Matter asked us to design a booklet that summarized the results of a survey of attitudes and beliefs of adults regarding sexual education of youth in Colorado. The eight-page report will be used to help make educators, adults, and policymakers aware of the issues around creating and implementing effective sex education across the state. The full PDF of the summary can be downloaded here.
To make the data easy to access by a range of learning styles, we created a number of graphic visualizations to showcase key information. Approximately half of the report's space was given over to these visualizations. The graphic style of the piece makes use of Colorado Youth Matter's colorful brand identity, and is integrated into the visual language we've developed for them and used in dozens of publications over the last decade.
The report header graphic evokes the organization's model of Spheres of Influence that the family, friends, schools, communities, and policy makers are organized into when looking at the impact of sex education has on an individual youth.
A sample spread of the summary. Findings were presented in an even mix of text and graphics.
An alternative to the bar chart: bubbles. Hierarchies of answers are maintained from one set to the other.
A comparative visualization showing the same sample group's responses to two different answers. The dataset on the left shows perceptions of what should be taught, the dataset on the right shows perceptions of what is being taught.
A breakdown of a pie chart into slices.
Another sample page, showing two related bar graphs. Both are organized by Spheres of Influence in relation to how close audience segments are to the individual youth. Groups closer to the individual  (such as family members and friends) are on the left, more remote groups (such as policy experts and health care professionals) are on the right.
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