Notchcode sourced a number of keystone images to work with HECHO's visual language both online and in printed advocacy campaigns.
The Hispanic and Latino community have a long tradition of land conservation, environmentalism, and a holistic approach to land use in the Southwest. Hispanics Enjoying Camping, Hunting, and the Outdoors (HECHO) is a group for Latinos who value our nation’s public lands.  They work to protect healthy watersheds, clean air, and robust wildlife habitats so that we can all continue to enjoy and practice centuries-old cultural traditions that depend on these open spaces. 
HECHO's main visual identity.
HECHO approached Notchcode to create a visual identity that reflected these values and traditions, reaching out to both older and younger audiences. We researched Hispanic and Latino visual traditions from the Olmec and Mayan cultures through today's vibrant activist art, and the traditions and history that tie Hispanic culture to the land. This research revealed a holistic outlook to land use, along with a legacy of people enjoying the land around them as not just individuals, but as families and communities. 
HECHO's home page, showing an integration of visual marks, colors, type, and imagery.
This resulted in a number of potential visual interpretations, arriving at the final logo you see here. The colors are reflective of both the vibrancy of Hispanic culture and the natural colors found in the Southwest, where HECHO is focusing much of their outreach work. The mountain shape echoes the tent's silhouette,  which is nestled inside the larger mountain outline to hint at the relationship between people and the land they live in. 
Once the main visual identity was created, we designed expressions for everyday use: a website and social media visual elements, business cards, Power Point presentation templates, and letterhead materials. These all help HECHO employees carry out their mission.
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Business Card design for HECHO.
A cost-effective one-color envelope.
Notchcode created an image library of impactful, yet cost-conscious photography for use in their materials.
Notchcode created guidelines for using the brand elements in HECHO's identity. This page shows examples of appropriate and inappropriate use.

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