Notchcode was engaged by the Climate and Land Use Alliance to design a report on how disrupting  traditional global commodity business models is resulting in lower carbon emissions, less deforestation, and better corporate accountability. In addition to creating a design layout that was integrated with their existing visual brand, we created a range of infographics, charts, and other data concept visualizations that help readers understand how these changes are impacting the environment. The report in its entirety can be viewed here.
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Cover page of the CLUA report
Notchocode created a map that shows how commercial agriculture drives a majority of tropical deforestation. This illustration uses a mix of accurate visual representation of forest loss, as well as iconography to point out commodities in key countries that are contributing to deforestation. Impacts are summarized, and sources to scientific studies are cited.
This graphic shows how agricultural production in Brazil has actually increased as deforestation has decreased since 2004. Contributing factors to this decoupling of deforestation from agricultural production are shown below.
The header graphic summarizes connections between key elements in transforming global commodity production while preserving and restoring tropical forests.
The design of the report is modular, allowing for graphics, images, text, and data to be displayed with varying degrees of visual importance, as mandated by content and thematic structure.
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