Residential Architect's Portfolio Site redesign
Raising a professional's profile
A residential architect in the Denver area contacted us to revamp her firm's web presence. Her original site was focused almost exclusively on selling home plans created by her firm; she wanted to keep the home plans as part of the new site, but emphasizing her custom homes, remodeling, and renovation work was the priority of her new approach.

We worked with the client's existing logo, but emphasized the color, form, and texture found in her architecture's portfolio imagery over the old site's blue and black color scheme. All navigation elements and secondary imagery were kept neutral, allowing the images to speak more forcefully to the viewer. 

The site is built using Squarespace, a commercial content management system that provides ease of use for the client, and is flexible enough to design for that it allows for a range of user experiences.

The site can be found at
The old site's home page:
The new site's home page:
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