Yee-Haw! Belt Buckles for Everyone!
A conference giveaway that conveys the spirit of the old west
We designed a visual identity and associated expressions (programs, postcards, maps, etc.) for a national association's conference held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The organizers wanted to bring out the western feel of Steamboat, and we decided it would be really cool to send conference attendees home with an authentic, useful reminder of their stay in the north-central Colorado town. So we had a belt buckle made. It uses the same themes, typographics, and styles we created for the other conference pieces, and it was lovingly cast by the good folks at Anacortes Brassworks in Washington state. We had several hundred buckles cast in brass, with 50 cast in silver for honorees and special guests.

This buckle is more understated than many of the rodeo-style buckles we researched, but it struck the right note with conference organizers and attendees alike.
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