Notchcode was commissioned by the School-Based Health Center Improvement Project to design a final report on their study (you can view the full report PDF here). Funded by a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Department of Health and Human Services Grant, this project sought to determine the health benefits to adolescents of school-based health centers in Colorado and New Mexico. The results were overwhelmingly positive, showing decreases in sexually-transmitted infections, improvements in behavioral and physical health, and greater engagement by adolescents in their own health care.
The final 72-page report involved creating a layout that could accommodate the project narrative, sidebars to call attention to specific data points or conclusions, tabular information, maps, and data and process visualizations. Notchcode iterated several concepts for the report's design, arriving at a modular layout which could place multiple types of content in different areas of the page as needed.
Notchcode created 21 visualizations for the report, including a map showing locations of participating school-based health centers, graphs showing pre- and post- study impacts on different health factors, and processes for financial, informational, and patient process improvement. All section titles were also hand-lettered, and combined with a bright color palette that used a different key color for each section; this allowed easy visual wayfinding within the report for readers. We also sourced aspirational imagery for use in section header pages and throughout the report.
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