Essential Recordings In Classical Music Booklet
A premium print piece for a premium audience
The Classical Public Radio Network needed a tangible artifact that would add value to their supporters' higher-end pledges. We designed a booklet that showcases 200 essential recordings in classical music from the sixteenth through twentieth centuries, as chosen by CPRN's on-air talent. After donating to their member station, a supporter would receive this 24 page booklet, which they could refer to whenever they wanted to purchase a "reference" recording of a particular symphony, fugue, or overture.

We ordered the pieces chronologically, with a timeline running along the bottom showing notable events in world and musical history. The lifespans of some of the most notable composers of the ages run concurrently with the timeline as well, bringing context to the featured listings. Profiles of four landmark opera and concert houses pepper the booklet with dynamic visuals as well. We also developed a comprehensive, easily readable information hierarchy for listing each recording.

The booklet was printed using three shades of spot gray ink, black, and a dry trap aqueous/varnish, which allowed us to make images pop and, on the cover, overlay the names of the featured composers on top of the design. 
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