National Reclamation Conference Branding and Expressions
The National Association of Abandoned Mine Land Programs (NAAMLP) gathers every year in a different location to exchange information about safeguarding, restoring, and reclaiming areas of the country that have been impacted by mining operations. The 2008 conference was held in Durango, Colorado, hosted by Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and the Navajo and Ute nations. To attract participation and to express the spirit and sense of place of the Four Corners region, we were asked to create a brand identity and associated visual expressions for the conference.
The main icon of the conference is a spiral, with four lines spinning out of the center--visualizing the conference's theme "From Four Corners to All Corners". It is similar to the ancient solar calendar petroglyphs found at nearby Chaco Canyon. 
In addition to the visual identity, we created expressions including the conference program, website, in-conference exhibits and wayfinding, sponsorship displays, event-specific programs, and polarfleece jackets, hats, and scarves, and stainless steel water bottles--all items that came in handy during the late fall conference.
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